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Cylinder Machine
Couch Rolls:   AMAR - SAMCO's SoftPress RX or NX couch roll covers are 2" thick to give a wide nip without excess pressure. Available in various hardnesses, SoftPress rolls resist chemical attack from de-foamers, cleaners, and paper additives. Top Extractor Couch Roll:  SoftPress NX covers are very abrasion resistant to withstand roll end felt wear while providing excellent water removal.

Suction Drum Roll:   BlackRock covers in a 0-5 1/8 P&J range of 1/4" thick protect the brass from pitting and eroding while providing frictional control to reduce the slippage that degrades felts. Suction Drum Rider Roll:  SoftPress NX or SoftPress HP, in 1" to 1 1/2" thickness, provides the needed abrasion resistance. Recommended hardness range is determined by the machine's water removing capacity.
Primary Press Rolls:   SamPress RX, DwellPress NX & PolyDwell covers are designed in increasing hardness from 50 1/8 P&J to 20 1/8 P&J to accommodate pressure changes along the press section.
Fourdrinier and Tissue Machines
Breast Rolls:   SAMCO's BlackRock premium "rock hard" rubber covers have good chemical resistance, extended life with metal and plastic wires, can be re-ground numerous times, and are doctorable with stainless or K-Monel blades. ResinRock HP is a very wear resistant cover that has excellent release properties. Table Rolls:   As these rolls are driven entirely by friction from the wire, BlackRock "Bone hard"compound gives these rolls the wear resistance they require. ResinRock is also a tough, long lasting cover.
Wire Rolls:   BlackRock again is the recommended compound. The hard, smooth surface sheds water and fibers readily and can be doctored with a metal blade. Suction Couch:   SamDrive NX covers extend the life of expensive bronze rolls and prevent slippage of the monofilament wire. Made from a synthetic elastomer, Samdrive NX offers excellent resistance to solvents or hydrocarbons
Lumpbreaker Rolls:   SoftPress NX or SoftPress HX compounds are perfect for a thick, soft, easy release cover that will knock down fines and add strength to the web before the nip of the first press. Pickup Couch:   In free wire pickups, we recommend BlackRock compound covers. Otherwise, SoftPress NX or DwellPress NX applied to the cores by SAMCO's unique "pressure built" extrusion method give the longest life.
Top Press Rolls:   Available in two types: SamRock and SamRock NTX are a combination of coarse and fine granite compounded with rubber to produce a cover that duplicates the release and chemical resistance of granite while requiring less crown and able to be doctored with metal blades. SamRock NTX incorporates a proprietary formula to further enhance release properties. SamLease covers are self-doctoring and are designed for applications where dwell time in the nip is desired. SamLease gives excellent release and good water removal. Bottom Press Rolls:   This position requires rubber covered rolls to prevent crushing of the sheet and felt destruction. DwellPress is an elastomer-based cover that resists age hardening and chemical attack. For suction press rolls, DwellPress NX is extremely tough, preventing "cupping" of suction holes. AquaVent NX, SAMCO's newest compound for grooved press rolls, is engineered to have low hysteresis buildup and excellent hardness stability. Aquavent NX covers can be re-ground and re-grooved for longer life.
Wormed and Plain Felt Rolls:   SAMCO's BlackRock covers provide excellent corrosion resistance, and we machine the worm into the finished cover to eliminate pieces of the worm breaking off. It also permits one time re-worming of the cover. BlackRock RX or ResinRock HP are used on felt rolls where doctoring is desired. Size Press Rolls:   The SamSize NX soft cover on the SamRock hard roll has excellent heat and chemical resistance, as well as a unique ability to recover from "wad" and "jam" marks after several revolutions of the roll.
Dryer Felt Rolls:   ResinRock HP: This cover has excellent release and superior heat resistance up to 300°F (150°C) continuous operating temperature. The reinforcing fibers give the cover extremely good impact and wear resistance. ResinRock HP can also be doctored with a metal blade. ResinRock can be used on paper, felt, wire return rolls and breast rolls. Reel Spool Rolls:   PolySpool covers provide better coefficient of friction to prevent slippage when the sheet is starting to wind up on the reel spool. This cover was designed to have excellent impact and cut resistance. PolySpool covers will run quiet during the wind up.
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